Wolf Knights Order Presentation


        Project of the Cultural Foundation Scena, started in 2002 under the leadership of the Great Wolf (Liviu Pancu), The Wolf Knights Order has it's "den" in the Citadel of Târgu-Mureş, where it runs it's activity using both spaces offered by the Tailor's Tower (the performance hall being the Den itself, and the lobby is used as the Weapon Hall), and occasionally, The Order carries it's practice outside, in the court that is surrounding the tower.

     In this moment, The Order counts 12 Knights, 23 Noblemen (of which 5 Minstrels, reason for which is the first Knights Order in Romania that has a Medieval Music Band as an integrant part - „Lupus Dacus”), one Lady, 4 Squires, 2 Noble Bloodline Henchmen, 2 Henchmen, 12 Wolf Ladies and 1 WOLF DRAGON, and like a real "pack", it embraces members of all ages, the extremes being 2 and 73 years, the occupations being diverse also, covering multiple activity domains: students, theatre, medical, judicial, technical, and many other.

       The year 2011 brings in the Order's life a new branch, in the city that hosts the oldest medieval festival, The Medieval Sighișoara Festival, thereby it has been established The Wolf Knights Order of Sighișoara.

         The Wolf Knights Order took part during the years to many medieval festivals in Tabor (Czech Republic), Sighişoara, Braşov, Mediaş, Tîrgu-Neamţ, Alba Iulia, Răstoliţa, Dumbrăveni, Bistriţa, Valea Mureşului and many others, in the year 2008 organising the first edition of the "MedievArtFest" festival in Târgu-Mureş and since 2010 it is an organising part of the Medieval Sighişoara Festival, by having Liviu Pancu as an Artistic Director.