The Wolf Knights Order's Flag

     The Wolf Knights Order's Flag itself is a Coat of Arms which can be described as following:

    Its shape, is the Ancient Shield or Old shape, also named the Triangular Shield, which was the only shield used for hundred years, at the beggining of emblems, because, in that time there was not necessary so many special fields in one shield. This shield form was specially used during the Knights era, because it could be easily weared riding, and it could be hanged by the left side of the horse. It has two corners in the upper part and the third prolonged downwards; it appears on the old seals, and it is hanged on the tribunes of the tournaments arenas.

    The Flag is Bleu-Plain (Full-Blue), where the coat blue means science, wisdomm, power, integrity, seriousness, truth and loialty, and full means that it has no partitions. The Emblem şi Symbol are figures that, by using material objects put in front of the eyes, are reminding an ideea connected to that object, through its analogies or through reports mor or less easy to understand. The Symbol presumes a natural analogy, something familiar, while the emblem often results from combining some figures, and sometimes to be understood, it may require a detailed explanation.

    The Symbol of our Order is The Wolf Knight, placed in abis on the shield's field. Its meaning would be this: The Wolf itself represents a reminding of our ancestors symbol, the Dacian Wolf, which embodied a consciousness of an ancient and warrior people. In heraldry on the other hand, lupul means strength, intelligence, courage and the spiritual reward recieved after a long siege, an exhausting labour or after the overcome of an overvhelming difficulty. Regarding the color, gueules (red) means nobility, bravery, dare, boldness and generosity. The Body wearing an armour, means responsability and leadership qualities, and the fact that it is azure (sky blue), means kindness, beauty, nobility and good-faith. The Sword is symbolising chivalry, protection, authority, justice and military honour. It occupies the left flank and canton of the Flag, it is represented in defense, having an argent (silver) blade, coat that means innocence, devotion and rightness, and the fact that it has the guard, handle and button of or (gold) means strength, power, greatness and clarity.

    The first third of the blazon is called head, in this particular case, contining three elements. In the middle of the head we can find the heraldic sun (with two eyes, a nose and a mouth, represented by a perfect circle surrounded by 16 rays of which 8 straight and 8 wavy), in its specific coat, as is Or (gold). The Sun as an heraldic element means light, live, glory and splendor, and because of the coat, it recieves the characteristics of it: greatness, strength, power, wealth and clarity. In the right canton of the flag is the Coat of Arms that symbolises the Brotherhood of the Wolves, blazon that we will talk about later. Finally, in the left canton of the flag is the theatre mask, coated yellow and black, a pretty modern element, which refers to the space in and from which the Order evolved, meaning the The Stage Theatre, hence that some members of the Order are actors. Heraldic speaking the mask refers to a craft, represents duality, and reflects the emotion spectrum that an actor has to feel and transmit.

    The Brotherhood's Coat of Arms has also the shape of an ancient shield, but this time it is Or Courbe (Bent Gold) (where gold is the coat and bent is the partition), in the flaks there are two black coated wolves - a respect (at respect), but being separated by the partition, fact that means the help and attention for each other. La pointe (in the point) you can find the three black coated symbols that are influencing the investment of each Wolf Knight as in The Raven, symbol of Divinity, Saint Gheorghe slaying the dragon, and the Sword of Archangel Michael [„...In the name of God, of Archangel Michael and Saint Gheorghe... ”]