The Great Wolf
  Name: Pancu  
  Surname: Liviu  
  Date of Birth: 05.May.1968  
  Telephone: 0742-121.872  
  E-mail: liviupancu@yahoo.com
  Occupation: Actor - National Theatre __ Târgu-Mureș
  Director - Stage Theatre
  Full title: The Great Wolf  
  Favourite Weapon: One and a half handed Sword  
  Battle Shout: "Vincere aut mori !"
What defines me:
We All Owe a Death, we All have a Cross to bear, we All are Due to leave something Behind us, we are All Bound to Respect our Ancestors, we All Exist in what we Do, we are All what we Want if the others Recognize us as such, we All have something Profound to Believe in, we All stach small Secrets, we All want Immortality. Here are a few Liberties and Rules in wich a Great Wolf must make his frail way through the endless Destinies of those who have Been and of those who will Be on this Planet and in this Time. Glory and Honor!
Coat of Arms: