Knight Mihai
  Name: Michi  
  Surname: Claudiu-Mihai  
  Date of Birth: 25.Sept.1981  
  E-mail: claudiu_michi@yahoo.com
  Occupation: Legal Adviser, Security Agent
  Full title: Knight Mihai also known as  
  "The Fearless"  
  Favourite Weapon: Two Handed Sword
  Battle Shout: "Let's fight for all Holy things we have !"
What defines me:
"Only together, working as whole, we can achieve victory, together for better or for worse... What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... Happyness means love, devotion, respect, honesty, forgiveness, passion, family, friends... I find my happyness in the small joys of life..."
Coat of Arms:

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