Knight Alexandru
  Name: Mărginean  
  Surname: Alexandru  
  Date of Birth: 03.Mar.1990  
  Telephone: 0748-845.332  
  E-mail: marginean.alex@gmail.com
  Occupation: Student;  
    Designer, Web-Designer;
  Full title: Knight Alexandru also known as
  "The Third Named"  
  Favourite Weapon: Short Spear
  Battle Shout: "Lux Aeterna !"
What defines me:
"Each Symbol, expresses as much as is given to each person to understand. Each Man is a Symbol, and each Man has a duty, that by the end of his life, to understand their Soul's Symbol. Let's live our lives, in such manner, that when the Moment comes, to be happy and proud for what Symbol we were, and what Symbol we left behind."
Coat of Arms:

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